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The Path We've Chosen

First off, how did we settle on The Boroughs? We've gotten a lot of questions from customers (and a comical rude blog post floating around on the internet somewhere :)) about our name. Well, it's pretty simple really. We're not representing all the boroughs in the state, and we're not even sure how many there are off the top of our heads. We both grew up in the Borough of Danielson and we wanted to open our brewery in our hometown. Nothing fancy! Now onto some history!

Let’s go back to 2009. Josh took his first job in retail, where he’d eventually meet Greg. Little did they know, they’d be living in an apartment together in Willimantic, CT a couple of years later. With the stress of college and working full-time jobs, what better way to relax and bond than with some beer? The only problem at first was simply that the beer was just a drink. This began growing into a real curiosity. There must be better beer out there, beer with flavor, aroma, and a truly satisfying experience.

Here come all of the mixed 6-packs and variety 12-packs! With a local restaurant/brewery and a bar just down the street, the road was paved for them to explore the amazing world of beer. Let the tasting begin!
Fast-forward a few more years and the guys are back home in Danielson where Greg has decided to try brewing at home. With a simple invite to come try making beer, Josh was hooked from day 1. From then on, the interest grew, leading to the discovery of the many ways to brew. After making a 5-gallon batch nearly every weekend, they realized that not only was this a shared hobby, but a passion.

It’s fun to brew, they love the beer, friends and family love the beer. Homebrew competitions? Why not enter one and see how it goes? In love with an early recipe, Monk’n Around, a Trappist style Abbey Ale was entered in 2019. Slightly surprised, and easily overjoyed, Josh, Greg, Alley, and Alicia stepped out of a Hartford, CT brewery with a first place medal in hand. An impatient dreamer once said, “Greg, can we do this for a living?” - Josh Bourque 2019.

A commitment was made, and the real work began. Books, videos, magazines, and conversations with the right people. The knowledge will continue to grow, but they’re ready to get started and take the leap. Today we find the guys in a quaint little brewery. The passion for beer is stronger than ever, and they’re ready to craft a lifestyle.

Thread City 2019.jpg

Josh, Greg, Alley, and Alicia toasting each other at the Thread City Hopfest in Willimantic, CT in 2019.

Meet the Team


Greg Ledogar



I'm a sports junky. Cowboys, Celtics, Red Sox, Toronto FC, Everton. Family, golf, music, video games.

Beer is good and DEZ CAUGHT IT


Josh Bourque

I'm pretty simple. Make me laugh and smile, and we'll be good friends. If you want to get stuck in conversation, talk to me about soccer, hockey, Harry Potter, and the mysteries of space.

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