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We admire the fact that we're able to brew beer for you all, and even more, we love being able to share our favorite styles that you don't find at every brewery. You'll find that we love to experiment with our sours and IPA's, but we also love brewing some of the "less appreciated" beers that aren't the easiest to find. We hope you'll join us in celebrating this diverse world of beer. Cheers!




Red Ale

We've altered the recipe this time around, and the color is even more enjoyable. Very light hop bitterness accompanied by a touch of caramel. If this beer was a book, you'd fall in love with it by the end.


It's More Fun With a Partner


New England IPA

This newest rendition features a partnering of Chinook for the bittering addition and Cashmere for the dry-hop. It packs a nice mango punch!

Wheat Girls_edited.jpg

Where My Wheat Girls At?


Wheat Beer

Ever wanted to sleep on a pillow that smells like oranges? Well you don't want to sleep on this, it's a liquid. The feel is nice and soft though, plus it smells and tastes like little baby oranges. A nice wheat beer with a touch of orange, yum!

Partners 2_edited_edited.jpg

Hand Me Downs


New England IPA

We finally convinced the guys at Black Pond to waste their day brewing with us. They're like big brothers to us, and we owe them a whole lot. We went really heavy on the dry-hop with this one, so enjoy the over-use of Belma!

Tee Time_edited_edited.jpg






Dwayne Johnson, Paper, Scissors


Black IPA

Introducing our first Black IPA, this beer rocks! The light roast from the malt is backed by a subtle punch from Idaho Gem hops. Well balanced, this beer has a light bitterness supported by flavors of red cherries, and a hint of citrus.


Comfort Zone


American Light Lager

Looking for something simple to get you through the day? This is probably your best bet. Bright and crisp, this tasty light lager is packed with a bunch of corn. You got friends who are afraid of craft beer? Bring em' here and break em' into the world starting with their Comfort Zone.





An underappreciated yet classic style, this ESB features a malty sweet backbone supported by a hint of roast. There is a light clean bitterness, and some notes of fruitiness from El Dorado and Bru-1 hops.

Losing My Mind_edited.jpg

Losing My Mind Just a Little



Alright, hear me out, please. We made a really nice stout, but decided to split the batch and do some fun stuff to it. This one is packed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and it is heckin' delicious.

We have cans to go every now and then, check in to the taproom or our social media accounts to see what we have to offer!

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