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We admire the fact that we're able to brew beer for you all, and even more, we love being able to share our favorite styles that you don't find at every brewery. You'll find that we love to experiment with our sours and IPA's, but we also love brewing some of the "less appreciated" beers that aren't the easiest to find. We hope you'll join us in celebrating this diverse world of beer. Cheers!


Danielson Daddy Issues - Seltzer - 5.3%

Unfortunately we have done this and to be honest, we have no regerts! The seltzer is unflavored and we mix fresh juices into the glass right at the tap. There's no extracts, fruit pumps, or purees here!

New Sour News Hour_edited_edited.jpg

New Sour News Hour - Kettle Sour - 5.9%

Our classic kettle sour recipe, containing a decent level of tartness. Yet for this batch we added a whole bunch of sour peach rings.

Neon Pear_edited.jpg

The Floor Is On My Face - Belgian Saison - 9.8%

We went back to our homebrew roots with this one. Our first rendition of Cornucopia back in 2017 was a 9% bubblegum bomb and we were feeling all nostalgic and sh**. We bit off a bit more than we could chew (in a good way) and produced this massive saison. It's all sorts of bubblegum with a hint of citrus and black pepper. The flavor certainly brings us back to those very early homebrew glory days. 

How Old Do Bears Go_edited_edited_edited.jpg

How Old Do Bears Go? - Brown Ale - 6.2%

According to the internet, about 20-30 years. How neat is that!? Our classic brown ale, which features a nice light roast with a sweet, malty and nutty backbone.

Sweater Weather_edited.jpg

Sweater Weather - Oktoberfest/Marzen - 5.2%

Iiiiiiit's Tiiiiiimmmeeee! What's not to like about a nice Marzen style Oktoberfest beer? Does it really even need a description?


Tee Time - American Wheat Ale - 5.4%

Tee Time makes it's return to the taproom! Lots of lemon on the palate here, similar to a major summer ale made somewhere in eastern Mass. A perfect style to have while you're out on the course, in the sun, or in our taproom! 

Partners 2_edited.jpg

Shandjobs - Shandy - 4%

You know what's pretty neat? We can add a 3 ounce pour of lemonade into your Tee Time to give you a Shandjob! It enhances the lemon flavor of the base recipe even more, making it exponentially more refreshing! Come down to the taproom and let us give you a Shandjob while they last!

Neon Pear_edited.jpg

Are You Experimental? - NEIPA - 5.6%

A new experimental IPA featuring Experimental X14 from Hops Direct. Similar to Mosaic, expect aromas of blueberry and tropical fruits, with notes of citrus, spiciness, and tangerine. 

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