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We admire the fact that we're able to brew beer for you all, and even more, we love being able to share our favorite styles that you don't find at every brewery. You'll find that we love to experiment with our sours and IPA's, but we also love brewing some of the "less appreciated" beers that aren't the easiest to find. We hope you'll join us in celebrating this diverse world of beer. Cheers!


The Weasley


Red Ale

The Weasley makes it's return to the taproom and we couldn't be more excited. We're huge suckers for red ales. The name origin speaks for itself right? Light and malty sweet with a light bitterness from the hops that provides just enough dryness to bring you in for more gulps!

Basic Chick


Milk Stout

A tasty stout with a touch of lactose sugar to add some subtle sweetness. There's a hint of yummy chocolate, backed by a hint of coffee.





One of our absolute favorite beers, easily! A lighter bodied beer with notes of banana and bubblegum, accompanied by a little bit of black pepper bite.


21 A


American IPA

Let's keep it simple, 21 A is our address, and the official BJCP code for judging this beer style. Balanced bitterness and hop characteristics make for an easy drinking IPA, simple.

Dough Boulder_edited.jpg

Dough Boulder


British Strong Ale

Rich sweet malt, nutty, with light hop aromas. An older style of beer that can sometimes be perceived as boozey. You'll find a little heat in this one, but well balanced by the sweetness from the malts.

tickled pink.jpg

Social Shunning


West Coast IPA

West coasts have been largely forgotten about ever since New Englands took over the world. We're huge fans of the style and are excited to bring it out of the dark and into the light.  Hopped generously with C hops with a light Idaho Gem dry hop gives it a nice grapefruit flavor and dry finish.


Comfort Zone


American Light Lager

Crisp, floral, and lemony. This bright and light lager is easy to drink and reminds us of blue cans, or color changing cans. The mountains turned blue with this one, tell your weird friends to come and try it out!

Partners 2_edited.jpg

It's More Fun with a Partner


Pale Ale

Our partnered hops pale ale series is back again! This time we matched Motueka with Belma and are proud to offer a bright lemon and citrusy drink!

New Sour News Hour_edited.jpg

New Sour News Hour


Kettle Sour

This third rendition of our kettle sour has a fresh new spin! First we ditched the fruit, and then dumped 8 lbs. of sour strawberry candy strips into it. Second, we decided to explore a new strain of yeast. Wer're prettyy happy with this one!

We have cans to go every now and then, check in to the taproom or our social media accounts to see what we have to offer!

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