Currently On Tap

We admire the fact that we're able to brew beer for you all, and even more, we love being able to share our favorite styles that you don't find at every brewery. You'll find that we love to experiment with our sours and IPA's, but we also love brewing some of the "less appreciated" beers that aren't the easiest to find. We hope you'll join us in celebrating this diverse world of beer. Cheers!


Bear Hands - Nonchalance


Oatmeal Stout

An oatmeal stout from Bear Hands Brewing in Putnam, blended with Madagascar vanilla.

Tee Time


Summer Ale

We brewed this beer with one thought in mind, we need a beer to bring with us to the golf course! This wheat beer has been packed full of lemon peels and coriander. It drinks nice and light, with a ton of the lemon peel coming through in bright fashion.





One of our absolute favorite beers, easily! A lighter bodied beer with notes of banana and bubblegum, accompanied by a little bit of black pepper bite.


21 A


American IPA

What better way to do an IPA than a regular old fashioned American IPA? 21 A get's it's name for two simple reasons. For one, it's the professional judging code for the style. Second, it's our address. Slightly bitter with a backing of pine and citrus flavor that goes down nice and crisp!


The Weasley


Red Ale

Just like that famous family, this red ale might not appear impressive from the start, but it grows on you. Simple and smooth, with accents of caramel.

Blackberry Sour_edited.jpg

Blackberry Sour


Kettle Sour

Everyone loves a nice tart kettle sour, and so we'll keep brewing this till we're dead. Keeping it simple this time, we jammed it full of blackberries giving it a lovely pink color!

Munich Cider_edited.jpg

Yankee Cidery - Munich Cider



We're proud to offer this delicious cider from Yankee Cidery as one of our beer alternatives. This current cider features additions of herbs, spices, and even some hops.

Neon King Kong - Mango


Milkshake IPA

A juicy IPA that we absolutely love having on tap. Each time we make it, the fruit changes. This time, we went with a heavy dose of mango to compliment the hops. Dag nabbit this is a fun one!