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Born, Raised, and Brewed in the Quiet Corner

We are pet and child friendly, let us meet the whole family!

Also, you'll find our current beers in a list below.



Th: 5-10

Fr: 4-10

Sa: 12-10

Su: 12-5

Mo: 5-9

Currently on Tap

1492 - Session IPA - 5%

A simple, crisp IPA showcasing Columbus hops. Its hazy, bright, and hits the spot. In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean but didn't brew. What the heck was wrong with that guy?

Wet Denim - Cream Ale - 4.8%

Every year we make a simple cream ale that gets a fun dose of cranberry for it's tartness. This year we decided to actually try the base recipe without the cranberries. A nice, light to medium bodied beer, very fitting for those who are looking to get into the craft beer world, or just want something simple and light.

Not in it to Rim it - Pumpkin Stout - 5%

A little experiment this year with fresh pumpkin puree! We took our milk stout Cheat Day and hucked a whole lotta pumpkin in there. No it isn't overly sweet, and no we aren't gunkin' up the rim of your glass. So enjoy!

Are You Experimental? - NEIPA - 5.8%

A new rendition of our experimental NEIPA featuring hops from Hops Direct. This rendition uses a hefty dry hop of Experimental #25 which gives aromas of oranges, and a nice berry flavor!

Dwayne Johnson, Paper, Scissors - Black IPA - 5.8%

We brought back our heavily favored black IPA for ya! A blast of tropical fruit followed by a nice easy roast character.

Danielson Daddy Issues - Seltzer - 5.3%

Unfortunately we have done this and to be honest, we have no regerts! The seltzer is unflavored and we mix fruit juices or sugar free liquid flavors into the glass right at the tap. There's no extracts, fruit pumps, or purees here!

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